Off-Lease Used Cars Dealer

With the prices for brand-new cars soaring every year, it can be tough for the average Joe on a budget to justify making such a purchase. At Used Car Genius, we’re able to help potential buyers get away from this financial burden by offering only the best used cars at affordable prices. You might be aware of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles offered through auto manufacturers, which is when a used vehicle under certain age and mileage limits is thoroughly checked out and reconditioned as needed. But you might not have considered the alternative: off-lease used cars. Below you’ll find some general information on what to expect with an off-lease used car and why it might be in your best interest to give them a closer look.



What Are the Benefits?

When you’re thinking about buying an off-lease used car, it would be helpful to understand their clear benefits. First off, when it comes to prior leases, there is a term, or contract, that outlines how long a person is able to drive the car, in addition to some strict upkeep and mileage standards that must be followed. For example, say you lease a car for two years with a mileage cap of 10,000 per year. At the end of the lease, you’ll essentially still have a reasonably new car, with just 20,000 miles on it, that has been strictly maintained. Other times, drivers will want to trade in their leased cars for something different, say, to trade up from a sedan to an SUV. If this happens, you can feel confident knowing the leased vehicle is in great condition, as the lease was never fully run out.

When a car is returned after its lease term, it can be put up for sale at a much lower price than its original sticker, given that the largest depreciation hit will have already taken place. Now, you will have an opportunity to drive away with a car that is decked out with the latest and greatest in tech for a price that is far more digestible. On top of that, you might be able to avoid needing an extended warranty, as off-lease vehicles are likely new enough where the original manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect.

All of the facts outlined here add up to make an excellent case for off-lease used cars. Come in to Used Car Genius on Quaker Lane in West Warwick, or take a look at our inventory online.